Gankboxes are sandboxes that place such an emphasis on unrestricted free-for-all PvP that ganking comes to dominate the entire game, to the detriment of the rest of the world design.

Hanging around.

EVE Online details the changes for hangars in the most recent update

What kind of video game about cool spaceships doesn't have cool hangar shots? One held together with spit and baling wire, which does describe...

Mortal Online 2 is holding a player tournament for in-game currency and unique items

A special event is kicking off tomorrow, December 1st, in Mortal Online 2 in the form of the Second Tournament of Tindrem, a single...

The Stream Team: A brief return to EVE Online

MOP's Chris is a man of his word, and so today's stream will see him play a bit of EVE Online, a space sandbox...

EVE Online details new and upcoming improvements to its Photon UI

EVE Online continues to make a whole bunch of noise about its spiffing new Photon UI, with another new dev blog that details changes...

Gloria Victis improves heavy armor, tweaks weapons, and lets shields stop arrows in latest update

When you raise a shield in order to block an arrow, you reasonably expect it to stop that arrow from hitting you. Apparently, that...

Rockstar draws a line in the sand over GTA Online roleplay servers creating NFTs

One of the many ways players engage with Grand Theft Auto Online is by creating third-party roleplay servers, which often can change the game...

Massively Overthinking: The best cooking in MMORPGs

You probably thought tonight's Massively Overthinking would have a gratitude theme, what with the holiday and all. Nope, not this time, although it's sort...

Mortal Online 2 bans hundreds of accounts for an exploit that avoided full loot on death

You can possibly understand why players of Mortal Online 2 would be attracted to an exploit that allowed you to play the game and...

EVE Online celebrates Spanish players with in-game events as Fanfest tickets are nearly sold out

EVE Online has decided to take a few days out of this week to celebrate its Spanish-speaking community and the game's soft-launch of its...

Steam’s autumn sale is live now through November 29 – here are a few MMOs with good deals

Like clockwork, the autumn Steam sale has returned for the gaming world with deals just in time for Thanksgiving or Black Friday or Small-Business...

Mortal Online 2 offers a sneak peek at its upcoming weather system in a livestream

Bad weather can happen, but it doesn't happen all that much in Mortal Online 2. That's going to change sometime soon, however, as the...

EVE Online begins testing a new default overview UI

The overview window of EVE Online is the most important part of the game's UI, as it effectively is the tool players use to...

CCP Games has already locked down dates and early details for its EVE Fanfest 2023

We are all a very long way from September 2023, but CCP Games is still eager to tie down that month as the one...

EG7 Q3 2022: LOTRO’s monthly active players are up 11% compared to last year

If you can pull your eyes away from the Activision-Blizzard/NetEase trainwreck that unfolded overnight, then we've got a blast of new financial news for...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 396: Crowfalling

Justin and Bree discuss Crowfall, Blue Protocol, SWTOR, New World, Q3 2022 financials (for Blizzard, Pearl Abyss, Square Enix, NCsoft), and new patches (for DDO, Neverwinter, Blade and Soul, EVE Online, Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online), with a mailbag topic covering Shadowbane, Second Live, Secret World, and Ultima Online.

EVE Online hits its second highest daily user count for November thanks to Uprising and promotional offers

Last week saw EVE Online release its much ballyhooed Uprising update, bringing along with it new ship variants, the frontlines mode, and more to...

Pearl Abyss Q3 2022: DokeV and Crimson Desert delays, CCP’s new blockchain game, and EVE Online’s uptick

Pearl Abyss, primarily known around these parts as the company that owns EVE Online and Black Desert, has released its third quarter earnings report...

Mortal Online 2 adds combining skill and gives pets a whole lotta love

PvP slaughterhouse Mortal Online 2 is coming off a busy week with not one, not three, but two patches containing several quality-of-life improvements. The bigger...
This was a television show.

Perfect Ten: 10 metrics to check to gauge MMO success or failure

There are a lot of MMOs out there. How do you know which one of them is the most popular and therefore the best...

EVE Online brings new ship variants, frontlines, and shinier hangars in today’s Uprising update

The latest update for EVE Online has been the talk of the game for a while now (and has reportedly been drawing in a...