Gankboxes are sandboxes that place such an emphasis on unrestricted free-for-all PvP that ganking comes to dominate the entire game, to the detriment of the rest of the world design.

Mortal Online devs will launch Mortal Royale to Steam early access today

So here's a thing that did not exactly make my list of favorite trends this year: MMOs transparently courting the battle royale market...

Massively Overthinking: Our favorite MMO stories of 2018

We've got a lot of awards going out over the next couple of weeks about the "best" and "biggest" of this and that. But...
It's a new time.

EVE Online updates players on its efforts in fighting against bots

Even in the cutthroat world of EVE Online, there are things you can't get away with, and one of those things is botting.

Daybreak’s new game is PlanetSide Arena, and yes, it’s a battle royale

Earlier this week, Daybreak began sending emails to players and former players teasing a new game being worked on within the studio's walls and...

Perfect Ten: MMOs to watch in 2019

The MMO genre is in a strange and uncertain place right now -- but also one that is quietly thrilling. We've long passed the...

EVE Online’s December patch brings in wardec changes and continual login rewards

It's time for the last big update of the year for EVE Online, but it's a big one. The previously discussed changes...

EVE Online: Operation Permafrost, the Alaska cruise, and getting your wardec on

EVE Online is a hoppin' place right now, in spite of the Project Nova downer. For starters, holiday login gifts start rolling...

EVE Evolved: How could Project Nova live up to its true potential?

I think it's fair to say that EVE Online developer CCP Games hasn't had much success when it comes to avatar-based gameplay....

Daybreak has suffered another round of layoffs, between 60 and 70 people

It's Friday afternoon, which often portends bad news. Tonight, we're looking at more Daybreak layoffs. Massively OP understands that between 60 and 70 people may have been affected. Former SOE/Daybreak President John Smedley acknowledged the news on Twitter with a little bit of shade thrown in for good measure. The H1Z1 team working through NantWorks also tweeted its condolences.

Ask Mo: The hits and misses of Massively OP’s 2018 predictions

As we do every year, today we're going to peek back at the horrifying outcomes of last year's MOP staff predictions for the genre and the games within it to determine how well we did. After all, what would be the fun of making predictions if we couldn't giggle over our guesses a year later? So did we nail it or fail it? And did you fare better? Let's find out.

H1Z1 retunes its AR and AK weaponry with the latest patch

There's nothing festive about the latest Steam patch for H1Z1 (alias Z1 Battle Royale, alias Not Just Survive, alias Ricky "Player Pretty Well Known" Samberg)...
money money money &c

EVE Online releases its monthly economic report for November

Didn't we just have an economic report from EVE Online? Yes, we did. However, that report from October came out late, while this...
The Grand Magistrix has power over time.

Perfect Ten: The healthiest live MMORPGs at the end of 2018

Another year is coming to a close! That means we're doing all of our usual end-of-year recaps, and that also means that we're once...

Toontown Rewritten’s latest player update buffs options and character movement

Massively OP's own Justin "The Game Archaeologist" Olivetti deep-dived the history of Toontown Online in his column just about a year ago, but...

Project Nova’s alpha is postponed indefinitely as CCP Games heads back to the drawing board

CCP Games has put the brakes on Project Nova, according to a message plastered on the company website today. The game isn't...

Red Dead Online has a creative approach to handling griefing

So right now, I'm feeling the pain of being a PC-specific gamer: Not only can I not play Red Dead Redemption 2, but...
this is fine

H1Z1 gets a new community manager for its PC-based Z1 Battle Royale

Remember how H1Z1 branded itself as Z1 Battle Royale because at this point the game has changed names more often than most people...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 198: Manatee… in… spaaace!

Justin and Bree discuss Blizzard, LOTRO, Fallout 76, Star Citizen, H1Z1, City of Heroes, Elite Dangerous, Legends of Aria, and computer upgrades.

EVE Evolved: Where can EVE Online go from here?

Ask a hundred EVE Online players when the game was at its best and you'll get a hundred different answers. For some older...
Sure, explosions are great, but have you ever looked at graphs.

EVE Online releases its monthly economic report from October

If anyone is unclear as to why jokes are made about EVE Online being spreadsheets in space, perhaps you could point them to