Mortal Online 2’s Unreal Engine 5 update gets a release window of late October


Back in September of last year, Mortal Online 2 began hyping up its transition to Unreal Engine 5, with the transition heralded as a technical step forward as well as an obviously visual one. Star Vault wasn’t keen on tying down release windows at the time, focusing instead on “sprints” that included a so-called Epic Release in an October 2022 roadmap.

It looks as if that year’s worth of work is yielding enough fruit to tie down some vague launch timing, as the sandbox MMORPG’s latest livestream summary notes that its UE5 debut is planned for a release at the end of October. The post also notes that the studio updated to UE 5.3, which changed aspects of the Lumen lighting engine enough that a planned preview had to be postponed. The studio promises to have an updated look at MO2 in UE5 soon.

Meanwhile, the stream further detailed several changes to the game’s recent territory control feature such as new storehouse placement requirements, claiming stone benefit tweaks, a slowing of guild defense rates, and the potential for upgrading the guild supply cap, among other updates. The summary post breaks it all down for players.

source: official site via Reddit
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