Ashes of Creation announces Alpha Two for 2024 and previews its updated event system


Remember when Ashes of Creation promised that its Alpha Two build wasn’t years away but also not right around the corner? That vague hint has recently taken a bit more shape, as Intrepid Studios announced during its latest livestream that Alpha Two is scheduled for sometime in 2024. That’s not years away; that’s months away. Or at least a year singular.

The devs noted in the stream that Alpha Two will be preceded by some spot testing among certain backer tiers that will be under an NDA, but after that, the public alpha will not be under any kind of NDA. Naturally, dates and times aren’t tied down yet, but more information on that front will be forthcoming.

The other major portion of the livestream was a look at AOC’s updated event system for Alpha Two. The system does function a bit differently in that it detects whether there is enough player activity in an area or considers things like ongoing story arcs, trade caravan activity, or resource node activity before tripping off events, while event difficulty will adjust depending on the number of participants.

source: YouTube (1, 2)
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