ashes of creation

Official Site: Ashes of Creation
Studio: Intrepid Studios
Launch Date: N/A
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC

The yeller.

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Ashes of Creation is ‘close’ to Alpha 2, shows off server meshing tech

If there are two things that we know for certain about Ashes of Creation's second alpha test, it's that (1) Intrepid Studios really loves...

Ashes of Creation shares a preview of its node war PvP system

The PvP sandbox of Ashes of Creation already has talked about making players fight for things like dungeon spots and caravans, but now it's...

Ashes of Creation answers questions about classes, gameplay systems, PvX, and guild features

Last night Ashes of Creation held a community AMA, though the community in question was made up of specifically selected influencers. You might think...

Ashes of Creation video shows off its enchanting nighttime ‘magic’

It still feels like Q3 2024 -- and with it, Ashes of Creation's Alpha Two test -- is still a long way off, but...

The Daily Grind: Are there any standard MMO UI elements you consider ‘optional’?

Back in February, MMO YouTuber MarleMMO reminded me that Ashes of Creation is planning to obscure enemy health bars during PvP - a concept...

Ashes of Creation’s latest Alpha Two preview video takes a deep-dive of the Fighter class

The seemingly non-stop parade of Alpha Two preview videos from Ashes of Creation continues this weekend, as Intrepid Studios grants fans and followers of...
all right, so...

Ashes of Creation’s newest video explains how its questing system differs from other MMOs

"Ashes does questing just a little bit differently than other MMOs." That's a good heads-up for any fans that Intrepid Studios' upcoming MMORPG may require...

Global Chat: What are the top dragons in EverQuest?

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Ashes of Creation showcases how PvP will work for caravan runs in latest preview video

Last November, Ashes of Creation highlighted the act of moving goods from one place to another in a caravan, which was certainly an illustrative...
Fracking! Yes? No.

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Ashes of Creation officially makes good on its plan to stop selling Alpha Two backer packs

August of last year saw Ashes of Creation's Intrepid Studios announce its plans that it would stop selling pre-order packs of the gankbox MMORPG...

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I'm fine. We're fine. This is fine. Everything's fine like wine.

Betawatch: Ashes of Creation and Age of Water target next year for more testing

Turns out that this week you were obligated to have some testing plans ready for 2024 if your game title is structured as X...

Ashes of Creation confirms Alpha Two for third quarter of 2024, shows off the updated Ranger

It's like Alpha One but with seconds, or at least a number two beside it: Intrepid Studios announced near the end of its most...

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Ashes of Creation offers an hour-long look at its current gathering and crafting gameplay

Ashes of Creation isn't only an FFA PvP sandbox; it also has some crafting and gathering to do (likely designed to create sheep for...

The MOP Up: Into the Echo’s crafting ties into exploration and socialization

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Ashes of Creation takes players on an Alpha Two caravan ride in latest preview video

Come along and ride on a caravan voyage with Ashes of Creation, as Intrepid Studios offers up yet more Alpha Two gameplay footage, this...

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