Ashes of Creation’s newest video explains how its questing system differs from other MMOs


Ashes does questing just a little bit differently than other MMOs.”

That’s a good heads-up for any fans that Intrepid Studios’ upcoming MMORPG may require some readjustment of expectations and routines. With Ashes of Creation’s Alpha Two test on the horizon for this year, the studio used this time to explain the daily questing loop for the average solo player.

According to this new video, players can kick off their adventures by visiting a commission board in a friendly node. These assign relatively simple tasks of various rarities that are rotated on a timer. In essence, it’s an endless quest-generating system that’ll give you something to do — and rewards to boot — while you wait for the next big thing to happen in the game.

Despite Intrepid’s claims to the contrary, a system like this is hardly new or rare; most recently, New World offered a similar task board with the same kind of rarity grading.

Source: YouTube
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