Epic Games rebuts ransomware gang’s 189GB data hack claim


This story looks to be a case of not everything posted on the internet is true: A ransomware gang made a bold claim on a darkweb site that it had managed to get its hands on some serious data from Epic Games, but the company itself is claiming that no such hack has happened.

The Mogilevich hacker gang, which is a reportedly new group to the scene, made a post on its leak site stating that it had made away with 189 gigabytes of data from Epic, including “email, passwords, full name, payment information, source code and many other data,” and was open to selling the information – either back to Epic Games or to another interested buyer – for an unspecified amount by March 4th.

However, shortly after the news broke, a spokesperson told Eurogamer that the company is investigating but found “zero evidence that these claims are legitimate.” The spokesperson says that Epic launched its investigation “within minutes” of the claim and even reached out to Mogilevich for proof, but received no response from the group. The only reply that has been found is a tweet that the group is reportedly seeking $15K and “proof of funds” for the data.

Mogilevich has reportedly updated its initial post that continues to bluster about the attack. “For clueless […] journalists, I’d like to tell you that we’re not asking EpicGames for $15,000 ransom, that’s the price that’s going to sell,” reads the quote. “For those who are even more jerks I would like to say that the evidence is private to minimize scams, people could use the samples to impersonate my group.”

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