Tanks for the memories

Ashes of Creation discusses progress on combat, crafting, and events – and rejects play-to-earn

While the latest development update livestream from Ashes of Creation didn't have any blockbuster previews or sexy vignettes to share, what it did have...

Ashes of Creation grants a first look at Alpha Two’s character creator

It would make sense that the next alpha build for Ashes of Creation would look different, particularly since the PvP sandbox is upgrading to...

Massively Overthinking: What do you expect from MMO Kickstarters?

I know, I know. People don't trust Kickstarters anymore. Nor should they, especially now. I think our genre knows this now. For every Wagadu...

Ashes of Creation elaborates on animal husbandry, offers first peek at Py’Rai race

The development livestream for February from Ashes of Creation has come and gone, leaving behind another bundle of updates and previews as the PvP...
bears, bears, beaaaaaars

Ashes of Creation promises an upcoming look at character creation, talks about griefing

For those who prefer a monthly summary of game development instead of day-to-day revelations, Ashes of Creation made the January newsletter available for your...

Ashes of Creation shows off the new playable Vek race and updated racial models in January livestream

Having a variety of race choices at character creation is one of the best (and worst if you're indecisive) parts of leaping into an...

Ashes of Creation recaps its big December announcements

With one big alpha test under its belt, Ashes of Creation is looking forward to the new year and additional opportunities to bring players...

Ashes of Creation is getting a visual upgrade by way of Unreal Engine 5 integration

Unreal Engine 5 is more than just a fancy way to advertise the newest Matrix movie; it's also meant to power the creation of...

End-of-Year Eleven: The top MMOs to watch in 2022

If 2021 had a problem, it was that we got simply too many MMO releases between new launches, early access, and expansions. This breathtaking...

Ashes of Creation’s latest livestream discusses continued combat adjustments for alpha 2

A PvP game like Ashes of Creation is going to have lots of combat, obviously, and it's been on the minds of Intrepid Studios'...

The MOP Up: World War II hands over toolsets to players

World War II Online is renewing a focus to be "player-driven" by giving all high-level premium players a High Command toolset to fiddle around...

Ashes of Creation demos animal husbandry system, new mount, and random table dressings

Having a neat mount is great, but often you'll see other players rocking the same mount, which might get into your uniqueness craw a...

First Impressions: Book of Travels offers a beautiful yet baffling stroll

So far in my life, I have backed only three Kickstarter projects -- all of them MMORPGs. One was Project Gorgon, the next Ashes...
A journey into complexity.

Perfect Ten: A sampler of crowdfunded MMOs and how they’re doing

I've gone on the record many a time as being deeply suspicious of Kickstarter and crowdfunding when it comes to MMOs. There are reasons...

The MOP Up: Ashes of Creation won’t date Alpha 2 testing – at least, not yet

Ashes of Creation has yet another chunky batch of question-absent answers to the community that it posted on the forums. Intrepid said that it...

Ashes of Creation shows off new mounts, discusses node interactions, and previews new rendering tech

Intrepid Studios' creative director Steven Sharif and community lead Margaret Krohn have once again come together for another Ashes of Creation development update livestream...

Ashes of Creation snags former Elder Scrolls Online lead writer as new senior narrative designer

It would be easy to assume that Ashes of Creation will be thin on lore owing to its PvP sandbox nature and its main...

Ashes of Creation shows off mounts and new effects, discusses design work being done for Alpha Two

Remember last month when Ashes of Creation creative director Steven Sharif offered a sterling description of the Terror Bird mount? Well, now you can...
Heard of it?

PSA: Ashes of Creation’s Alpha One test shifts its end date to August 15

As the month of August rolls on and Ashes of Creation's final round of Alpha One testing progresses, many players were perhaps looking at...

Ashes of Creation gives rapid-fire answers to dozens of community queries

There's never enough time in any studio AMA or livestream Q&A to address all of the questions that players put out there. This is...