Ashes of Creation’s latest Alpha Two preview video takes a deep-dive of the Fighter class


The seemingly non-stop parade of Alpha Two preview videos from Ashes of Creation continues this weekend, as Intrepid Studios grants fans and followers of the gankbox a granular look at its Fighter archetype, hosted by several devs and the human equivalent of an excited Pomeranian Steven Sharif.

The Fighter will be one of the many features that will be in Alpha Two, so there’s plenty of time spent looking at as much of the class’ kit as possible, including an overview of its skill tree and an icon-by-icon look at its abilities. As one might expect from a class swinging a giant honkin’ sword around, the Fighter is a hard-hitting attacker that’s meant to build and maintain a resource known as momentum, which is helped with various individual Form toggles that also provide latent benefits like defense against CC or faster attack speed if momentum is maintained.

Fans who are waiting for Alpha Two to begin still have no hard date confirmed beyond the previously stated third quarter of this year, so everyone is just going to have to sit and wait while watching a big angry sword man swing his big angry sword.

source: YouTube
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