Ashes of Creation showcases how PvP will work for caravan runs in latest preview video


Last November, Ashes of Creation highlighted the act of moving goods from one place to another in a caravan, which was certainly an illustrative look at the activity but ultimately was done in a vacuum, with the devs in a private build that was free from PvP threats – and didn’t really elaborate on how caravan PvP works. That’s been changed in the gankbox’s most recent gameplay preview, which is all about caravan PvP this time around.

The footage has two teams of developers face off against one another in a caravan run, with the attacking team setting up sniping positions to open the caravan siege that is almost immediately successful for the attacking side. The devs note caravan runs are part of Ashes’ entire design ethos of there being “no reward without significant risk,” particularly since caravan goods can be completely lost.

Along the way, the devs talk about how attackers can move a destroyed caravan’s goods themselves by way of a summonable caravan, confirmed that planning a caravan raid is more diagetic, and a general rundown of how progression for both attacking and defending sides works. It also showcases the process of moving a caravan over water, which involves building a dock for a raft that can sail a caravan across water.

Whether this gameplay is an enticing peek at the world of Ashes or a warning to stay away is up to the viewer to decide, so feel free to watch the full video below.

source: YouTube
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