Ashes of Creation takes players on an Alpha Two caravan ride in latest preview video

Slide, slide, slippity-slide, got a horse-drawn carriage and it's time to ride


Come along and ride on a caravan voyage with Ashes of Creation, as Intrepid Studios offers up yet more Alpha Two gameplay footage, this time showcasing the MMORPG’s caravan system. The video showcases the caravan system from start to finish, beginning with the purchase of commodities, then moving to a stable building where a caravan can be purchased, and finally summoning the caravan vehicle and driving it to its destination.

Naturally, players will want to buy items at a low price at one destination and then carry them to somewhere else where they can be sold at a higher value, but they’ll also have to equip their caravans with different components that change things like their storage capacity or off-road speed. And of course, this being an FFA PvP game, caravans run the risk of being attacked by others, so summoning a caravan in the wild is advised since doing so is announced in a local radius.

Along the way, the devs talk about how caravan running is generally designed to encourage solo players into something more cooperative or competitive, they talk about how caravans can change in to rafts to ford rivers (after a brief build time), they confirm that events can spawn around caravans like fallen trees or enemy spawns, and they outline the risk versus reward balance of caravans, noting that operating a caravan is dangerous but can be more lucrative than taking smaller items from one place to another. The full video below shows the whole process, albeit one without any PvP interference, so grains of salt and all that.

source: YouTube
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