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Anvil Empires discusses seasons, weather, points of interest, and its next two months of pre-alpha

Siege Camp is continuing to keep interested players informed of where things are going with its persistent war MMO Anvil Empires, as its eighth...

Albion Online recaps 2023 and looks ahead to January 8’s Crystal Raiders patch

It's been a jam-packed year of updates for Albion Online, which is being laid out before fans in Sandbox Interactive's customary year in review...

Ashes of Creation takes players on an Alpha Two caravan ride in latest preview video

Come along and ride on a caravan voyage with Ashes of Creation, as Intrepid Studios offers up yet more Alpha Two gameplay footage, this...

Ashes of Creation’s latest video walks players through building up a node in Alpha Two

Nodes. They're an important piece of the gameplay loop in Ashes of Creation, letting players establish towns, become citizens, and ostensibly giving players reasons...

Mortal Online 2 shares plans for a network stress test and one final territory control PTR test

During the latest weekly livestream from Mortal Online 2, Star Vault CEO Henrik Nystrom provided details on another round of testing coming to the...

Dual Universe opens a summer-themed location with seasonal events until July 24

Just because you're building spaceships and exploring the yawning void in Dual Universe doesn't mean you can't stop at a water park for a...

Profane adds armor textures, previews PvP, and shares its latest end-of-month roadmap

We are once more scraping together Profane's development reports, which continue to come via tweet storm, and we start things off with the end...

Mortal Online 2 suffers from a DDoS attack and an account hacking of one of its GMs

This past week appeared to be a rough one for players of Mortal Online 2 as Star Vault Studios confirmed that its servers were...

Mortal Online 2 brings the thunder, fire, ice, and rock with its new Elementalist magic school

It's hard to deny the classic allure of the elements-weaving magic caster in a fantasy setting, and this evergreen trope is now available in...

Sea of Thieves highlights Halo-themed cash shop items and confirms a delay for its next Adventure

Has your time in Sea of Thieves been missing some Master Chief style? Then you're in luck because tomorrow, February 16th, there will be...
Here comes a rugby match.

Gloria Victis’ first day of full launch sees new servers, crafting quest overhauls, and connection problems

Yes, it's another one of those "water is wet" kind of news stories for MMORPG veterans, but since Gloria Victis made its full launch...

Sea of Thieves Season Seven is bringing captaincy progression and ship customization features

Generally speaking, when you're crewing up in Sea of Thieves, one player is the captain of the venture on a purely de facto basis....

Exclusive: Indie sandbox El Somni Quas on free-for-all PvP, races, classes, housing, and more

Back in December, we published an exclusive dev diary about El Somni Quas, an indie sandbox from a Czech studio that actually cut its teeth...

Life is Feudal will add pygmies, but no consoles

When we interviewed Bitbox CEO Vladimir “Bobik” Piskunov last month, we learned quite a bit about Life is Feudal's transition back into an MMO,...
I don't know what's going on in this picture and I honestly don't wish to.

Salem isn’t dead! It’s launching June 17th

Salem might have slipped off of your radar over the past few years. It's a permadeath, open-PvP sandbox that fell into the perpetual beta trap....