Sea of Thieves Season Seven is bringing captaincy progression and ship customization features


Generally speaking, when you’re crewing up in Sea of Thieves, one player is the captain of the venture on a purely de facto basis. However, the game’s seventh season is going to change that, as it will make captaincy an actual in-game title, along with a number of benefits and systems that open up for players who are so named.

Player captains will get some new ship customization features opened up, including the ability to name a ship and emblazon the name upon it, customize a ship’s cabin (where previously customization was merely for exterior features like sails, figureheads, and cannons), and save a ship’s loadout. In addition, captains will get access to a promised host of new progression rewards, while an announcement video nodded to a cash-in points feature that lets players sell loot with ease through the use of a lift of some sort.

Season Seven is set to arrive to the Sea of Thieves on Tuesday, July 21st, with more details to come in the ensuing days. Until then, there’s the preview post to read and video below to watch.

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