sea of thieves

Official Site: Sea of Thieves
Studio: Rare
Launch Date: March 20, 2018
Business Model: B2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC, Console

Sea of Thieves’ Season Nine arrives with world event rebalancing

Patch ho! The ninth season of Sea of Thieves has sailed into port, bringing a whole slew of changes and adjustments. These include easier-to-find...

Sea of Thieves grants a closer look at Season Nine’s mechanics and features in latest video

Who needs to read information when you can have another overproduced video instead? That's probably what Sea of Thieves was thinking as it put...

Sea of Thieves tabletop board game confirms a summer release window and gameplay details

Last month tabletop gaming studio Steamforged Games issued a barely veiled teaser for a board game based on Sea of Thieves. That studio has...

Sea of Thieves teases fifth anniversary doc and Season 9 additions

Believe it or not, it was all the way back in 2018 that Rare launched its PvP pirate sim into rough waters. Since then,...

Steamforged Games hints at the potential reveal of a Sea of Thieves board game

Regular readers are likely familiar with the name of board game developer Steamforged Games - it's the team behind tabletop and board game versions...

Sea of Thieves highlights Halo-themed cash shop items and confirms a delay for its next Adventure

Has your time in Sea of Thieves been missing some Master Chief style? Then you're in luck because tomorrow, February 16th, there will be...

Sea of Thieves’ latest video highlights its next PvE adventure and planned factional PvP improvements

Sea of Thieves' first video news digest of this year has a little something for everyone in terms of PvE and PvP. Assuming, of...

Steam’s winter sale offers many deep discounts on FFXIV, Elder Scrolls Online, New World and more

If you're not already broke from buying presents this holiday season, why not treat yourself to the annual gamer gluttony that is the Steam...

Sea of Thieves outlines plans to lessen queue times for its match-made factional PvP fights

One of the marquee features of Sea of Thieves' eighth season was the addition of factional PvP content, such as a match-made activity that...

Sea of Thieves’ latest LTA, The Rogue’s Legacy, tasks players with breaking a pirate curse

Pirates and treasure-borne curses go together like pirates and an extremely weird British brogue, so it's perhaps not surprising that Sea of Thieves is...

Global Chat: The dawning of a new great MMO era

The next great era of MMORPGs is in the making right now and will dawn on us shortly -- or so postulates MMO Folklorist,...

Steam’s autumn sale is live now through November 29 – here are a few MMOs with good deals

Like clockwork, the autumn Steam sale has returned for the gaming world with deals just in time for Thanksgiving or Black Friday or Small-Business...

Here’s what to expect from Sea of Thieves’ faction PvP-filled Season Eight, launching today

Today is the day when crews in the Sea of Thieves are being given more reasons to turn their cannons on other players' ships...

Sea of Thieves Season Eight brings a boatload of factional PvP features on November 22

Sea of Thieves has open FFA PvP baked in by default, and that doesn't look to be going anywhere in the game's next season....

Sea of Thieves readies for Season 8 on November 22, a new comic book, and the end of its current adventure

Sea of Thieves is once more condensing some of its latest headlines into a handy-dandy video format, which discusses some of the game's future...

Sea of Thieves puts the fate of Captain Flameheart in players’ hands in its latest limited-time adventure

The limited-time narrative adventures that have arrived in Sea of Thieves have mostly been pretty linear experiences, seeing as they have a story to...

Sea of Thieves readies a Halloween community event for October 28 and its next adventure on November 3

The immediate future of Sea of Thieves is looking quite spooky indeed as the game has outlined a new Halloween event as well as...
Well, all right.

The MOP Up: Embers Adrift’s soundtrack swells prior to launch

With less than a week to go before Embers Adrift becomes the newest launched MMORPG on the block, the studio pointed out that its...

Sea of Thieves launches its latest limited-time adventure The Sirens’ Prize

Players of Sea of Thieves know by now that the game loves its limited-time adventures, so the fact that there's a new one available...

Sea of Thieves balances and disables some milestones, teases Heart of Fire novel

Sea of Thieves' seventh season continues to chug along as Rare drops update today. The highlight of the patch is a new time-limited...