Sea of Thieves discusses a returning event and future gameplay adjustments in video


Sea of Thieves has once more condensed some of its upcoming news features into a digest video, with the first two-thirds offering a look at a returning event and plans for additional gameplay tweaks (the final third is about cash shop things).

First, players can now take part in the return of the Gilded Voyages event, which is running from today, May 16th, through May 23rd. For those unfamiliar, players will be able to take up a single use limited-time special voyage on behalf of any of the game’s major factions, getting themselves some sweet new cosmetics in the process. After that, a new update will arrive to the sandbox that so far confirms new weapon skins available at outposts.

Next up are gameplay updates, starting first with the promise of changes to development processes to ensure updates are less bug-riddled like those that affected Season 12’s launch. The devs are now working on continuing to improve stability across all platforms, investigating a reported server degradation issue, and monitoring how Season 12’s new weapons affect balance.

This portion of the video closes with some general information about later updates coming to the game, which will bring the Pirate’s Log in-game, HDR improvements, and speed buffs for the sloop and galleon while brigandines will get slightly slower.

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