Sea of Thieves marks 40 million players to date as it preps its PlayStation 5 launch


Many live service games would give anything to see success numbered in the tens of millions, which makes Sea of Thieves’ current accomplishment that much more special. This week, Rare announced that the pirate PvP sim has enjoyed 40 million players across all platforms since its launch in 2018.

“[Forty] million players across Xbox, Windows 10, and Steam is an amazing milestone to be able to talk about, and of course it wouldn’t have happened without you – our brilliant, positive, and welcoming community, who continue to surprise and impress us with your creativity and antics out on the waves,” said Executive Producer Joe Neate.

Sea of Thieves isn’t taking the time to slow down after this milestone, however. The game is already testing on PlayStation 5 ahead of its launch on the platform April 30th, and past that is the debut of Season 19 with the addition of throwing knives and Bone Caller.

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