PlayStation players are flooding the Sea of Thieves PS5 closed beta servers


Sea of Thieves officially rolled into closed beta on PlayStation 5 early this morning, continuing its forked path far away from the exclusivity it once had. Access to the event, which runs from today through Sunday, is accessible only with a preorder of the game – just under 50 bucks, more for deluxe and premium editions, though any of them will get you in.

Apparently, quite a lot of gamers opted for that, as Rare Games told Twitter that “The PlayStation 5 Closed Beta is currently experiencing a high volume of new players, which may result in longer waiting times than normal as pirates enter the Sea of Thieves.” That was around 6 a.m. EDT this morning, so you could reasonably assume that it’s going to get much worse as the weekend rolls on.

Patch notes are indeed online for perusal; players might want to know that guilds, trophies, and the cash shop are all turned off, and you’ll still need a Microsoft account to play, even through Sony.

“All progress made during the Closed Beta weekend will be carried over to both Early Access and launch later this month. This means that any new pirate created, gold hoarded, reputation earned, Commendations collected, Captained ships bought and items purchased will be brought along with you!”

In other Sea of Thieves news, we’re getting more fodder for Chris’ Well Fed column, as Sea of Thieves has announced a themed cookbook launching May 7th.

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