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Bungie devs face the ‘soul-crushing’ pressure of financial targets, a Sony takeover, and threat of more layoffs

It's already been reported that life within Destiny 2 and Marathon developer Bungie is extremely unhappy in the wake of recent layoffs and the...
Popcorn appropriately.

Project Boston was Activision-Blizzard’s attempt to create a ‘Steam of mobile’ games store

The point of the Epic v. Google antitrust lawsuit is ostensibly about whether Google is holding a monopoly that prevents competitors like Epic from...

ARK Survival Ascended’s PlayStation launch has been undelayed to November 30

Studio Wildcard is about to make some PlayStation fans very happy: It's undelaying the delay of of ARK Survival Ascended's PlayStation launch. Readers will recall...
Maybe? Maybe not.

Sony Interactive Entertainment and NCsoft announce a ‘strategic’ partnership

What exactly are Sony Interactive Entertainment and NCsoft doing together? Painting each others' nails? Plotting the destruction of their most hated of all animals,...

Whatever happened to EA’s 3v3 arena shooter Rocket Arena?

Do you remember Rocket Arena? It was a 3v3 arena shooter all about firing rockets at one another (surprise), though it was less about...

ARK Survival Ascended arrives to Xbox consoles, delays its PlayStation launch to early December

It's a bit of good news and bad news for console fans of ARK: Survival Ascended, which is wholly dependent on which console those...

Bungie bosses admit Destiny 2 revenues missed expectations this year by 45%

On Monday, we learned that Sony-owned Bungie was struggling with layoffs and delays both for Destiny 2's The Final Shape and for its extraction...

Bungie studio hit by layoffs, delays of Destiny 2’s Final Shape and Marathon

Sony-owned Bungie has become the latest gaming company to suffer apparently significant layoffs this year - enough to cause major delays to multiple titles. As...

Yet another Sony data breach sees personal info of nearly 7000 employees exposed

Just a few weeks ago, we covered a supposed breach of Sony's systems, whereby ransomware hackers claimed they had "compromissed all of sony...

Sony Interactive’s Jim Ryan steps down next March after three decades of PlayStation

Last night, Sony Interactive Entertainment's Jim Ryan announced he's stepping down from the CEO role after 28 years with the company - the last...

Sony is investigating claims that hackers ‘compromissed all of sony systems’ – big sigh

Can the console wars get any dumber? Oh, you already know the answer to that: Last night, a relatively new hacker group claimed responsibility...
Among all the many, many ways you are terrible.

Microsoft and Activision-Blizzard file a legal request for the FTC to drop its August hearing

Now that the US Federal Trade Commission has been handed two big losses in its challenge of the $69B merger between Microsoft and Activision-Blizzard,...
oh nooooooo

FTC loses its attempt at a pause of Microsoft ABK merger, Sony signs the 10-year Call of Duty agreement

The US Federal Trade Commission was handed another loss in court this past weekend. Readers will remember that the government body was trying to...

The MOP Up: Torchlight Infinite plans a ‘basic online feature’ for a future patch

When will Torchlight Infinite grow the online game it clearly aspires to be? The studio addressed co-op expansion in a recent Q&A, saying, "We...

The Game Archaeologist: EverQuest Mac, the O.G. classic server

In 2003, Sony Online Entertainment tried an experiment to reach out to the (then) small-but-growing community of Mac users. The company released EverQuest Macintosh...
Guess who's back. Back again.

Perfect Ten: The most regrettable MMO studio names

The name of a studio has no bearing on the game's quality. You might disagree and point to a game you were more inclined...

FTC uses Zenimax’s current exclusivity as a primary argument against Microsoft’s ActiBlizz buyout in court

The long-brewing legal battle between the US Federal Trade Commission and Microsoft has begun in earnest, as this week saw the FTC and Microsoft...

Diablo IV’s early access launch has been relatively smooth, but license issues are blockading some players

While the official launch day is still a few spins of the Earth away, last night's Diablo IV's early access is being treated like...

The MOP Up: Don’t fear Last Epoch’s Reaper form

Last Epoch's Reaper is getting a glow-up with this week's update! The studio said that it's improving the visual effects, outfit, and groovy scythes...

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite MMO studio that doesn’t even make a game you like?

I'm going to dip slightly outside of true MMOs to answer this one and pick Bungie as my choice. Destiny 2 is not a...