Concord is a team vs team FPS that promises approachable but deep gameplay


Evidently game studios smell Overwatch 2’s blood in the water because we’ve got yet another addition to the team vs. team hero shooter sub-genre. Say hello to Concord, a 5v5 FPS from developer Firewalk Studios and publisher Sony, which got a full preview during the recent PlayStation State of Play showcase.

“In Concord, you play as the crew of the Northstar — a group of guns-for-hire known in our galaxy as Freegunners. The Freegunners roam the stars taking high-stakes jobs on worlds across Wild space, where they face other fiercely competitive Freegunner crews. From match-to-match, you’ll form your team of Freegunners with other players and battle it out with rival crews to take home the reward across a variety of maps and modes.”

Concord is promising a game that’s both familiar and deep enough for shooter fans but still approachable for new players, with a focus less on aim and thumb stick control and more about abilities.

Concord will offer 16 different characters at launch, with archetypes like snipers, giant bots, mystics, and gunslingers, while abilities can range from in-the-moment attacks like fire walls or thrown daggers to longer-term things like deployable walls, shield domes, and traps that persist through rounds and respawns. The game also promises an “evolving universe” that expands on character stories and adds new maps, modes, and Freegunners. Or to put it another way, it’s a live service title.

Launch of Concord is set for Friday, August 23rd, on PlayStation 5 and PC, though plans for a beta test sometime before then are in the cards. Until then, a gameplay trailer awaits below.

source: PlayStation Blog, thanks to BoosterVII for the tip!
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