GDC’s State of the Games Industry survey once again demonstrates dev skepticism for metaverse and blockchain hokum

This year's State of the Game Industry from GDC - its 11th since beginning the project - delivers a range of insights from the...
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Wayfinder promises ‘juicy details’ on testing, highlights part of its playable roster

After a holiday hiatus, the crew at Airship Syndicate is back to crank out development and testing for this year's Wayfinder. The team said...

Zenith’s Ramen VR just scored another $35M in investment, ‘accelerates’ efforts on PC version

Zenith studio Ramen VR just secured more money to bolster the future of the VR MMORPG: The company announced last night that it just...

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak brings western movie monsters soon and power leveling now

Capcom's finally given us a meaty update for  Monster Hunter Rise's June 30th paid DLC, Sunbreak, and it seems to confirm some of the...

Magic Legends’ next starting class is the white mana-using Sanctifier

Magic Legends has finally deigned to show off the latest of the multiplayer ARPG's starting classes. Say hello to the Sanctifier, a veritable beacon...

Monster Hunter World announces plans for PC and console version parity

Considering the wide gulf between Iceborne's release on consoles versus PC, it was maybe easy to assume that PC players of Monster Hunter World...

Red Dead Online posts a new legendary bounty for a notorious train robber

There's a new bounty head to chase for players of Red Dead Online, and this one is apparently a well-dressed sharpshooter with a penchant...

Rumor: Nexon may be merging its PC and mobile businesses following canceled company sale

Over the course of 2019, we've watched as Nexon's founding family put its controlling interest up for bid, seeking as much as $9B for...

Latest Dauntless patch brings back Winterhorn Skraev, adds quality-of-life updates, and more

There's a fresh new patch in Dauntless as of yesterday, and while it's not exactly chock-full of big ticket updates, it does have more...

Legal proceedings between Crytek and Star Citizen’s Cloud Imperium move to alternative dispute resolution

Just when we all thought the matter had seen a major roadblock in the proceedings, a new chapter in the game engine lawsuit between...

Prosperous Universe prepares to release its new game world this Friday

It's the end of the world as Prosperous Universe players know it, but they should feel fine, as out of the Big Bang of...

Z1 Battle Royale declares the return of the king with a massive new update

Season 3 of Daybreak's PC H1Z1 (or Z1 Battle Royale now, or Z1BR for you hip kids) is coming back in a big way....
The last of whoever.

The Division 2 releases one more trailer ahead of launch

We've had an open beta, so reason would stand that we're now nearing a full launch for The Division 2, but is a game...

Warframe shows off horrifying Amalgams and an upgraded Plains of Eidolon

The devs of Warframe do not want you to sleep tonight or ever. That's the only explanation for the Amalgam enemy type they've created,...

Guild Wars 2 previews the new WvW Warclaw mount now launching tomorrow

There's just something so very MMO about riding a giant horned cat in to battle, and that's just what Guild Wars 2 players will...

Dungeon Fighter Online posts its first major update of 2019

Color me surprised that this one suddenly blipped on the radar. Dungeon Fighter Online has kicked out a pretty sizeable update: the first act...

Yes, Virginia, a Stardew Valley esports scene exists

I am probably one of the few members of the MOP staff who actually enjoys esports, but even I had to do a kitty...

World of Warships brings British boats to bear

The British Navy just got an expansion in World of Warships today with the introduction of several aircraft carriers, adding to the vehicular combat...

Breach hands out free keys to existing players to give to friends

Depending on who you talk to, the folks behind Breach are either feeling extremely generous, are nearing a full free-to-play launch, or are trying...

Bold New World update brings new biomes and graphical enhancements to The Imperial Realm

Open world MMORTS The Imperial Realm has gotten a fresh splash of pretty paint with its Bold New World update. The recent patch has...