Magic Legends’ next starting class is the white mana-using Sanctifier


Magic Legends has finally deigned to show off the latest of the multiplayer ARPG’s starting classes. Say hello to the Sanctifier, a veritable beacon of white mana light described as a “refreshing take on a more classic, dedicated support class.”

The Sanctifier wields a long-range Divine Bolt as a primary attack and a massive Wave of Radiance as a secondary ability that can heal allies and summons at later levels, while its utility mechanic, Salvation, helps the Sanctifier build up stacks of Devotion that eventually calls down an angel that heals players while they do damage via a Lifelink. According to the post, this allows the Sanctifier to focus on other aspects of the deck, since keeping a single large summon alive longer is mostly handled by strong healing abilities.

These features make the Sanctifier a potent long-range damage dealer that can either provide some useful boons to friends in multiplayer or make summoned creatures a significant threat in solo play. It also is an extremely shiny character as evidenced by the preview post’s visuals.

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