Palia plans more magical trees, an obstacle course, and quality-of-life features

While Palia has already cranked out a couple of content updates in the form of the Maji Market event and the Temple of Flames,...

The Stream Team: Finding the way through Wayfinder

MOP's Chris is back in Wayfinder on OPTV today. He was intrigued by the multiplayer RPG in his first run through, so it's only...

Hands-on: Cozy game Fae Farm might strike familiar gameplay beats, but its setting is the sauce

I appreciate how a lot of my opinion of Fae Farm is going to come off reductive or as I'm damning it with faint...

Fae Farm’s hand-painted mural advertisement highlights gamer rancor toward Phoenix Labs

Phoenix Labs continues to go full speed in promoting its fantasy life sim RPG Fae Farm. A member of the Cozy Gamers subreddit shared...

Multiplayer RPG Swords ‘n Magic and Stuff has gone fishing crazy in its latest content update

Craft yourself a fishing rod, get your tackle box, and put on your goofiest fishing-related hat; the cutesy and cubic multiplayer RPG Swords 'n...

Diablo IV bans seasonal character exploiters as patch 1.1.1 finally arrives

It likely won't come as a surprise to anyone that Diablo IV fans pulled against the yoke of the Season of the Malignant restriction...

Genshin Impact releases a new nation, new characters, and underwater exploration August 16

There's a whole lot of water-based stuff headed to Genshin Impact on Wednesday, August 16th. That's when the single-player/multiplayer RPG will introduce Version 4.0...

Multiplayer RPG Baldur’s Gate 3 tops 814K concurrent players on Steam

If you get the sense that everyone in the known universe was playing Baldur's Gate 3 this past weekend, it's not merely your imagination....

Tower of Fantasy marks a year of operation, opens a new area, and adds a new character August 8

Tuesday, August 8th, will be a pretty important date for Tower of Fantasy, and not just because that's when it arrives to PlayStation consoles;...

ASTRA Knights of Veda is an upcoming 2-D ‘MORPG’ promising tactical beat-em-up action

We've got another new and developing MORPG to show you. And no, we didn't accidentally drop the first "M" from our favored acronym; that's...

Diablo IV devs discuss updates coming to classes, items, and monster density in August’s 1.1.1 patch

The most recent Campfire Chat video from Diablo IV might have some good news for players of the ARPG, as it mostly zeroes in...

Erenshor is a game that seeks to condense the MMORPG experience into a fully single-player title

Being able to enjoy some solo MMORPG content is never a bad option to have, but what if the entire MMO gaming experience was...

Tower of Fantasy’s July 25 and 26 server merges will condense players into their respective individual regions

Tower of Fantasy has completed server merges plenty of times before, but the shared world RPG's next one is going to be what we...

Baldur’s Gate 3 confirms split-screen couch co-op, highlights multiplayer features

It's time for another dev blog out of Larian Studios and its upcoming multiplayer RPG Baldur's Gate 3. And yes, this game is multiplayer...

Baldur’s Gate 3 unveils a fully customizable origin and confirms romanceable characters

A recent Panel from Hell showcase for the upcoming single-player/multiplayer RPG Baldur's Gate 3 was the perfect stage for developer Larian Studios to make...

Baldur’s Gate 3 launches PC early on August 3, delays PS5 version to September 6

In a year stuffed full of delays, it'll be a welcome change to see a game launch early, and that's just what Baldur's Gate...

Genshin Impact announces in-person Summer Festival events launching across the globe in July

Summertime is often the time for conventions, and while most are probably planning on checking out things like anime conventions, Genshin Impact is inviting...

Diablo IV sent cosplayers to hawk the ARPG at an LA baseball stadium and bar

At this point, it's clear that Blizzard will throw anything and everything at the wall in order to promote the fact that Diablo IV...
I find the way.

Wayfinder’s latest gameplay preview video showcases its mechanics-filled boss fights

Wayfinder is continuing to make its way through the online show floors following its Summer Games Fest preview. This time around, the game was...

Multiplayer sandbox RPG Tinkertown will exit early access on June 22

Remember Tinkertown? It's a multiplayer building-focused sandbox RPG that we first reported on last July, with the promise of lots of exploration, building, and...