Genshin Impact brings a New Year’s celebration, new region, and more characters January 31


The world, activities, and gacha roster of Genshin Impact will all continue to balloon when Update 4.4: Vibrant Harriers Aloft in Spring Breeze arrives to the shared world RPG on Wednesday, January 31st. It will also continue Hoyoverse’s penchant for giving its content patches names that are far too pretty and flowery by about half. Seriously, there’s purple prose, and then there’s that subtitle.

Headlining the update is another Lunar New Year’s celebration in Liyue, which bears a kite theme this time around as well as new events, new minigames, and plenty of new rewards like an outfit for Xingqiu and 10 intertwined fates. The Liyue area will also be expanded with the opening of the Chenyu Vale, a mist-shrouded region that promises new sights, mythical beasts, some new graphical tricks, and at least one boss enemy to fight, though players will only be able to access the region after turning into a mystical flying carp. Sure, why not.

The update will also add another two characters to the roster in the form of the five-star anemo-using Xianyun and the four-star pyro fighter Gaming, both of whom will be available in the update’s first banner, while a second gacha banner will rerun Xiao and Yae Miko. A teaser video of what awaits can be seen below.

source: press release
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