Blade & Soul NEO Classic details Cinderlands redesign, combat refresh, and the end of gear upgrades


Blade & Soul continues the impressive trick of talking about its NEO Classic server while also holding its cards close to its chest at the same time, as NCsoft has put forth another pair of previews that showcase art and visuals in dev blog form and discuss the projects’ development goals in video form.

The visual preview homes in on the Cinderlands zone, with the usual before and after looks at locations, lighting, textures, and more. The post also pays close attention to improvements to the region’s rocky features, which have a much more angular look and can dominate the Cinderlands skyline.

As for the video, executive director Hong Jae Kim talks about some of the overall goals for NEO Classic, with a focus on making combat hearken back to individual skill expression (such as animation cancelling for certain attacks), confirmation that equipment upgrades will be entirely removed with the exception of soul badges and mystic badges, and word that the server will have seven classes on launch. Just when launch will be still isn’t confirmed, unfortunately.

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