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Blade & Soul talks up NEO Classic’s updates to arena PvP combat skills and rewards

Blade & Soul fans already know that the upcoming NEO Classic servers will feature faction PvP battles, but sometimes you just want to duke...

Blade & Soul NEO Classic discusses content tweaks while staying non-committal to a release date

The NEO Classic server project that Blade & Soul is working on seems to be a long time coming if prior posts are any...

Blade & Soul NEO Classic continues its Cinderlands highlight with a look at bosses and monsters

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Blade & Soul NEO Classic details Cinderlands redesign, combat refresh, and the end of gear upgrades

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Blade & Soul previews mechanical changes to NEO Classic’s Mushin Tower

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Blade & Soul NEO Classic’s latest visual preview focuses on the Moonwater Plains

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Blade & Soul shows off the lighting and visual upgrades of NEO Classic’s Viridian Coast

A location called the Viridian Coast should be as pretty as it sounds, and while the location in the original Blade & Soul was...

NCsoft’s Blade & Soul unveils ‘Neo Classic’ servers with enhanced visuals and gameplay

Blade & Soul is getting into the "new throwback" mood, like bringing back Crystal Pepsi only with a hopefully better reception. NCsoft has pulled...