Blade & Soul shows off the lighting and visual upgrades of NEO Classic’s Viridian Coast


A location called the Viridian Coast should be as pretty as it sounds, and while the location in the original Blade & Soul was plenty picturesque, the MMORPG’s upcoming NEO Classic servers appear to be enhancing the area’s looks even more if the game’s latest preview is any indication.

Much of this preview post is focused on lighting, touting the use of live lighting and post-process features to make cavern lights spookier, shadows even starker, and vegetation more realistic and colorful. The post also offers a better look at some improved textures for things like water, as well as renewed assets for prop items that were made as far back as 15 years ago.

The post still doesn’t offer any general idea of when its NEO Classic servers will come online, but it does close with word that its official Discord server should open sometime in January 2024. In the meantime, there’s a video showcase offering an in-game look at the more beautified Viridian Coast below the cut.

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