Pantheon Rise of the Fallen delays latest pre-alpha test into 2024 over broken backend system


Just as things were beginning to ramp up for pre-alpha testing of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, the plans laid by Visionary Realms get knocked down by tech problems. The studio confirmed on Discord over the weekend that its scheduled pre-alpha test, which was meant to include alpha-level backers of the MMORPG, was being cancelled thanks to a problem with its persist system.

The studio didn’t divulge too many details about the problem, only noting that it was complex enough that the game “[wouldn’t] be able to perform under the increased server load with the amount of new testers who have signed up to test.”

Work on this technical issue is continuing and Visionary Realms promises it will confirm a new test date for alpha backers, but that won’t be until sometime in the early part of 2024. Meanwhile pre-alpha testing for pre-alpha backers will continue as scheduled.

source: Discord
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