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BitCraft dates its next pre-alpha for March 31, promising to add ‘several thousand’ new testers

The pre-alpha testing progress of BitCraft is pushing forward, with the developers noting in last month's address that "several thousand" players would be considered...

Time-travel MMO Into the Echo plans to resume pre-alpha testing in 2023

When last we checked in on time-traveling-themed MMORPG Into the Echo, it was mired in testing delays and communication lapses, but now Etlok Studios'...

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen pledges monthly pre-alpha tests in 2023

The testing cadence for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is about to pick up pace, as the studio announced that it's going to be...

Time travel MMO Into the Echo moves its next pre-alpha to mid-March

You would think that a time travel MMO would be able to go forward a few years, grab a finished version of the game,...
Touch wood.

Bitcraft explains its philosophy of skills and progression in a new development diary

As you have probably gathered from what's been mentioned about Bitcraft before now, the game is not meant to be an experience wherein you go...

Palia promises discoverable lore and questlines that sees players ‘navigate negative emotional experiences’

The month of January hasn't seen any major developmental announcements from Palia, the self-described "cozy community sim MMO." That said, there have been a...

BitCraft has officially kicked off its pre-alpha testing, promises more invite waves are coming

BitCraft, the social and exploration-focused sandbox MMORPG that introduced itself to fans this past September, has been talking up the start of its pre-alpha...

Palia’s latest investment round nets $30M as pre-alpha invites – all 200 of them – begin

Palia's reveal last month had the MMO and MMO-adjacent communities abuzz with delight over the cutesy simulation MMO, including ours. In our article on...

Palia gears up for pre-alpha test, reveals key characters

I'm sure that more than a few of us in the MMORPG community are crossing our fingers that we get invited to the upcoming...

Profane shares a sneak peek at its weather system and day/night cycle

Are you a fan of MMO weather systems and day/night cycles? Then you'll love the latest Twitter thread from the developers of Profane, which......
And it started to grow.

Seed shows off the concept art work for the game’s Kernel

Sitting at the heart of your colony in Seed is the Kernel, the little structure that kicks off the founding of your settlement. And...

Chronicles of Elyria kicks off its Settlers of Elyria virtual land auction for a second time

Allow us to share a little bit of background on this one: Chronicles of Elyria had first announced an "event" in December of last...

MMOs you’ve never heard of: Asteidus, Hordes, Voidspace, and Bloodstone

Think you've played it all in 2019? That kind of hubris means that it is time for another tour of MMOs you've never heard...

Space colony MMO SEED announces ‘Pioneers’ alpha coming in 2020

With SpatialOS titles bailing out of the genre left and right, it falls to games like Seed - now being marketed as SEED -...

Sci-fi Project C puts out a call for pre-alpha testers, but getting in won’t be easy

The as-of-yet unnamed Project C isn't letting the lack of a moniker stop it from cultivating a playerbase. In fact, Darewise Entertainment is putting out...

MMO battle royale title Mavericks previews its plans for early 2019

It's been a little while since we last heard from Automaton Games's ambitious open-world battle-royale shooter Mavericks at E3 2018, but it would appear...

Pantheon’s full world begins to emerge as pre-alpha winds down

One of the big hopes of the future of the MMO genre is finally putting all of its pieces together. Pantheon announced in its...
Combination crossover.

Ship of Heroes opens registration for its first login test

It's uncommon for a development team to describe an upcoming test phase as "boring," since the goal is usually to get fans excited and...

Population Zero is an upcoming crafting-survival MMO inspired by classic sci-fi

Survival crafting games are all the rage these days, it seems, and the genre's about to get just a little bit bigger with the...

Fractured announces first pre-alpha test starting this month, delays alpha until next year

The team at Dynamight Studios has announced that its crowdfunded sandbox MMO Fractured will be entering pre-alpha testing this week. The test phase will...