Anvil Empires dates its next pre-alpha tests for May 30 and May 31


Testing is continuing to move along for Siege Camp’s in-development medieval warfare MMO Anvil Empires as the studio has announced plans to begin its fourth pre-alpha test later this week.

This phase of testing is scheduled to run for six hours on Tuesday, May 30th, and Wednesday, May 31st, each starting at 12:00 p.m. EDT. The testing focus this time around is on settlement building, with players getting their hands on the game’s building tools without the concern of PvP interruption. Furthermore, persistence will be preserved between each testing phase, unless some bugs decide to get in the way.

While settlements are the focus, Siege Camp is also promising that more features of pre-alpha 4 will be shared in a dev blog scheduled for this Monday, May 29th. Until then, those who are selected from the Steam draw should ready their house-building hammers.

source: Discord
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