Time travel MMO Into the Echo moves its next pre-alpha to mid-March


You would think that a time travel MMO would be able to go forward a few years, grab a finished version of the game, and bring it back to us right now. So maybe Into the Echo’s time conveyance isn’t working yet? That means we’ll have to wait the old-fashioned way for the game’s tests.

In fact, the team announced that it decided to move the next pre-alpha test to March 12th and 13th. Previously, it was March 5th. Any interested parties are encouraged to sign up for a possible pre-alpha key on the website, as ETLOK Studios told fans in Discord that it’s “aiming for 1000 players for this test.”

In the meantime, here’s a pond in a teaser that ties into a small lore drop on the official site. The pond is full of snakes. Snake pond. Indiana Jones gives it 1/10, won’t visit again.

Source: Twitter
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