Final Fantasy XIV offers up a comprehensive guide to getting started with crafting and gathering


Crafting and gathering inĀ Final Fantasy XIV are not sideline activities. A large number of classes are devoted to these activities, they have their own mechanics and gear, and the process of making an item is more involved than just clicking a name and waiting for a couple seconds while a bar fills up. But that also means it can be kind of difficult to get started on the systems if you’re unfamiliar with them, which is where the new Crafting and Gathering guide on the official site comes into the equation.

Players who are experienced crafters and gatherers will no doubt find these particular bits of guidance to be redundant, nor should they expect to find high-end macros or the like within the page. Still, if you’ve never taken up a hatchet or frying pan or fishing pole, this guide should help you figure out how to get started and how to enter the world of turning raw materials into useful end products.

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