into the echo

Into the Echo’s worldbuilding narrative website Journey Across Raava leaves early access

Early access for a website is over and a full release is now. This is the unironic announcement heralded by Into the Echo developer...

Into the Echo’s ‘lore experience’ website Journey Across Raava begins early access August 25

Yes, you read that right: A website that's meant to provide a "lore experience" for the still-developing time traveling MMO Into the Echo is...

Indie time-travel MMO Into the Echo releases interactive lore website experience

If you've forgotten all about time-travel MMO Into the Echo, we'll totally forgive you because we had too. And that's because we haven't heard...

Time-travel MMO Into the Echo plans to resume pre-alpha testing in 2023

When last we checked in on time-traveling-themed MMORPG Into the Echo, it was mired in testing delays and communication lapses, but now Etlok Studios'...

Into the Echo confirms delay for next pre-alpha test round as it wrangles with key request issues

Do you remember Into the Echo? It's a developing MMO from Etlok Studios we first caught wind of in August 2021, with emphasis on...

Into the Echo to expand pre-alpha in April while the studio hunts for investors

After an understandable delay due to evacuations of some of its developers from Ukraine, Etlok is finally ready to activate Into the Echo's next...

Destiny 2’s Bungie halts sales to Russia, Gamigo begins Ukraine charity initiative in multiple MMOs

As Russia's devastating invasion of Ukraine continues, the gaming industry is continuing to make its voice heard as it opposes the harm inflicted on...
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Betawatch: The Wagadu Chronicles enters alpha

Look, I'm not going to mince words: I'm pretty psyched about The Wagadu Chronicles and would like to see it do well. There's probably...

Time travel MMO Into the Echo moves its next pre-alpha to mid-March

You would think that a time travel MMO would be able to go forward a few years, grab a finished version of the game,...

Into the Echo discusses time travel, ‘hub-and-spoke’ leveling, and community progression in an interview

Last August we caught wind of Into the Echo, a time-traveling MMO from Canadian developer Etlok Studios that promised features like an emphasis on...

Time-traveling MMO Into the Echo schedules small December pre-alpha test

If we had a time machine, we'd probably use it to zip forward to get our hands on the launched versions of all sorts...

Time-travel MMO Into the Echo releases new video and alpha signups

Back in August, we covered a newly unveiled time-travel MMORPG called Into the Echo. Canada-based ETLOK Studios pitched the game as one with "traditional...

Into the Echo is a new MMORPG with an emphasis on character individuality

When it comes to most MMORPGs, there will very often be a build meta -- a largely agreed upon "best" way to put together...