Indie time-travel MMO Into the Echo releases interactive lore website experience


If you’ve forgotten all about time-travel MMO Into the Echo, we’ll totally forgive you because we had too. And that’s because we haven’t heard much more than a peep out of Etlok Studios since the end of 2022, when the team released a dev blog after months of communication issues and delays – owing in large part to multiple members of the team being affected by the invasion of Ukraine. At the time, the studio was promising to resume pre-alpha testing in 2023 as well as to release an interactive lore website.

Well, the alpha isn’t ready, but lo and behold, the interactive lore website actually is, as this week Etlok released what it’s calling Journey Across Raava, a “unique look at the universe behind Into The Echo.”

“Journey Across Raava is a web-based experience designed to be your gateway into the world of Into The Echo,” Etlok says. “It is a completely free to play experience with no paywalls or progress limiting micro-transactions. It has been designed to be episodic with new content released every month and over two years of content already under development.”

“The story behind Journey Across Raava takes place just prior the events that will occur in the Into The Echo MMORPG. As you travel across the planet you will unlock new locations, meet interesting characters, learn about the different races and classes, as well as uncover various abilities and spells. Everything that you see and learn in Journey Across Raava is meant to also serve as a teaser for what you can expect in the Into The Echo game itself. MMO development takes time to do it right, but we don’t want to keep you waiting. You can start immersing yourself in our world and it’s stories. Journey Across Raava is now open for Early Access – with the full public release following shortly after.”

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