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Ryzom takes players on a flythrough its classic vistas in latest video

Ryzom: It's Still Around!™ That's the cheerful takeaway for the game's most recent video, which grants veterans and potential players a flythrough several of...

Make My MMO: Crowfall’s sunset and Elite’s update 14

Crowfall went offline this week, possibly for the last time, as new owner Monumental pulled the game back into development without a clear plan,...

From the Depths: ‘Free-to-play’ World of Warships is an expensive journey

When I first started playing MMO’s back in 2012, the hot debate of the time was subscription vs. free-to-play business models. Over the last...

Albion Online continues to ramp up Mists rewards, preps per-character sub fee hike

Are you ready for even more rewards from doing things in the Mists of Albion Online? Then the sandbox MMORPG's latest hotfix is right...

Perfect Ten: 10 things we’re thankful for in MMO gaming

In my experience, people who invest heavily into being grateful and thankful for blessings don't have a lot of excess room for negativity and...

EVE Online begins testing a new default overview UI

The overview window of EVE Online is the most important part of the game's UI, as it effectively is the tool players use to...

Here’s what to expect from Star Citizen’s IAE free fly promo starting tomorrow

Try before you buy, whether it's a new shiny spaceship (with in-game or real world currency) or a starter pack! That's the primary thrust...

EVE Online hits its second highest daily user count for November thanks to Uprising and promotional offers

Last week saw EVE Online release its much ballyhooed Uprising update, bringing along with it new ship variants, the frontlines mode, and more to...

Pearl Abyss Q3 2022: DokeV and Crimson Desert delays, CCP’s new blockchain game, and EVE Online’s uptick

Pearl Abyss, primarily known around these parts as the company that owns EVE Online and Black Desert, has released its third quarter earnings report...
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The Daily Grind: Are there MMOs you hope to see falter and fail specifically?

Let's make something clear here: What we are talking about with today's topic is largely about pettiness. There are plenty of people who have...

Make My MMO: The Crowfall autopsy

Nobody in the MMORPG community was particularly surprised to learn this week that Crowfall's new - and very quiet - owners have decided to...

First impressions of Marvel Snap, an addictive mobile card game by Hearthstone’s former director

Feeling the effects of the "superhero movie fatigue syndrome" that's going around these days, I wasn't overly eager to check out Marvel Snap when...

Massively Overthinking: The New World comeback

New World is having a bit of a comeback moment - or is it? Since the launch of Brimstone Sands and the fresh start servers...

Battlefield 2042 plans limited-time free-to-play periods in December and talks up its next two seasons

Earlier this week we had worried aloud that Battlefield 2042 might not make it to a third season owing to the fact that fans...
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Perfect Ten: 10 metrics to check to gauge MMO success or failure

There are a lot of MMOs out there. How do you know which one of them is the most popular and therefore the best...

EVE Online brings new ship variants, frontlines, and shinier hangars in today’s Uprising update

The latest update for EVE Online has been the talk of the game for a while now (and has reportedly been drawing in a...
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Activision-Blizzard Q3 2022: Blizzard MAUs and revenues are up as NetEase dispute looms on the horizon

Welcome back to our trimonthly coverage of Activision-Blizzard's quarterly financials. As of this afternoon, we have Q3's results, comprising July, August, and September 2022....

World of Warcraft releases another Legacies lore video, adds new mounts to 12-month sub

World of Warcraft is continuing its rollout of lore-centered Legacies videos this week with a second chapter, in which Nozdormu relates how the Dracthyr's...
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Almost 2M PlayStation Plus subbers quit this summer following pricing revamp

This past March, Sony thought it would be a keen and swell idea to mess with its PlayStation Plus subscription plan, announcing plans to...

Epic Games MOBA Paragon is resurrected as Paragon The Overprime under Netmarble’s oversight

It's been a long, strange, and twisty-turny journey for Epic Games' Paragon. The third-person MOBA came out in 2016 but quickly found itself floundering...