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Wisdom of Nym: What the hey is up with Final Fantasy XIV’s Xbox pricing?

In another theoretical timeline, there's a place where Final Fantasy XIV really would have stepped in it when it subtly noted that the game's...

Tencent’s Tarisland drops a video guide to its Ranger class

While some upcoming MMOs keep info behind closed doors, Tarisland is making all kinds of public effort to pump up the community for this...
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Tarisland discusses its business model and in-game economy in a new video

Tarisland has airdropped in a new video about its economy this week, but the downside is that the video is a bit vague when...

World of Warcraft remains coy about March’s ‘secret’ Dragonflight patch

In what promises to be a diverging year for World of Warcraft, Blizzard already is stirring things up for a complacent playerbase. Curiosity's been...
Now you can play with your straight friends!

Microsoft will require Final Fantasy XIV players to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass in order to play the game

It's tucked away in the announcement that Final Fantasy XIV's beta on the Xbox Series X|S starts on February 21st, but the announcement does...

Make My MMO: Zenith’s spinoff game, EVE Online’s board game Kickstarter

Welcome to another blast of MMO crowdfunding news from the last few weeks! It's been pretty hoppin' for Kickstarted MMOs lately, as Elite Dangerous is...
Coarse air.

Final Fantasy XIV starts another free login campaign running through February 21

Have you been taking an extended break from Final Fantasy XIV? Because you can take a little trip back into the game as part...

Kickstarted VR MMO Zenith is launching a spinoff F2P co-op RPG called Zenith Infinite Realms

Zenith - the Kickstarted VR MMO that has yet to actually produce the PC-centric version promised during that campaign - has been hinting at...

The Quinfall discusses its business model, gameplay, and beta testing plans in Q&A video

Vawraek Technology has posted a new video for its upcoming MMORPG The Quinfall featuring some player Q&A about the title, and the answers provided...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon GO shows little love for February

Pokemon Go's roadmap for February is out, but once again leakers have deflated some of that potential hype Niantic tends to squander anyway. While...

Interview: Survival MMO Age of Water on monetization, sandbox play, and the Q1 early access launch

Way back at the end of 2020, we first caught wind of a new sandbox called Age of Water: Developed by Three Whales Studio...

City of Heroes players filled Homecoming’s latest $8.6K monthly donation round in three hours

When NCsoft granted Homecoming LLC a license to operate City of Heroes at the top of January, one of the questions a lot of...

The Daily Grind: What will be the next MMO to undergo a big business model shift?

2023 turned out to be a weird year for business models in MMOs. It was certainly the year of cadence shifts and seasonal shifts,...
Not so basic now, are you!

Baldur’s Gate 3 boss pushes back against the industry’s renewed ambition over games subscription models

This week offered another example of executive foot-in-mouth disorder when Ubisoft director of subscriptions Philippe Tremblay suggested in an interview that games subscription business...

Ubisoft talks up its subscription services and making gamers ‘comfortable’ with not owning titles

Allow us a moment to lean back in our rocking chair, coddle a cup of sarsaparilla, and look up at the sky as we...

Tibia-inspired MMO Ravendawn launches today – without the NFTs of its sister game

Those looking for a new MMO launch to start the year or a spiritual successor to one of the genre's oldest titles may want...

Make My MMO: MMO crowdfunding at the top of 2024, from Ashes to Zenith

Welcome to our very first Make My MMO of 2024! When we last checked in on the crowdfunded games of our genre, we were...

Nexon Korea hosts ’emergency livestream’ over recent MapleStory cube manipulation fine

Last week we reported on a fine levied by Korea's FTC against Nexon Korea, which was found to be manipulating the probability of earning...

The Soapbox: Hearthstone is probably in for another boring year in 2024

I recently got a survey in my email on Hearthstone and its future. The last time a Hearthstone survey got sent out, the idea...

Timezones and compensation cause Mortal Online 2 to count free sub time a day early

Considering the length of time it has taken for Mortal Online 2 to get to this point, we'd agree it would be easy to...