Lord of the Rings Online showcases new mount and hamster pets coming with the 17th anniversary


Lord of the Rings Online players are getting a celebratory hamster pet. That’s it. That’s the headline. We can all stop reading, and I can stop writing so I can curl up in a corner and cry jealously about the fact that I don’t have an in-game fluffy bean that has party fireworks strapped to its back.

This reveal is part of the MMORPG’s latest dev livestream, which grants fans a look at the new rewards that will be coming with the 17th anniversary event, including some cosmetic gear, housing items, and a mount styled after the Green Dragon Inn; a raucous drinking emote; and two hamster pets, one without fireworks and one with fireworks.

Players can also look forward to a gift box with in-game fireworks items, special titles, portrait frames, and boost items. As for the content of the anniversary event itself, that will be the same as in years past. It all starts on Thursday, April 18th (which is now Party Hamster Day), and will run until Monday, May 6th.

Source: YouTube
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