Monsters and Memories hopes to launch into early access by the start of 2026


Does it help or hurt to know that a wishlisted game now has a release date — and that this date is still almost two years away? That’s the question that retro-themed MMO Monsters & Memories fans have to ask themselves as Niche Worlds Cult announced that the project is aiming for an early 2026 release.

Monsters & Memories will enter early access in January 2026,” the studio said. “The game will undergo alpha and beta testing prior to entering early access (ETA July/August 2025), and we aim to have all core gameplay systems complete and tested prior to early access.”

Niche Worlds posted a roadmap page with the caveat that all of these dates are subject to change. It also clarified the business mode: “Subscriptions are $15 a month, there will be no box price, no in-game microtransactions, and there will be content updates that come with the subscription.”

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