monsters and memories

Monsters & Memories expands its team to include a new animator and programmer

For those cheering on the extremely indie Monsters & Memories, it's uplifting news to hear that the team expanded this month by two. In...

Monsters & Memories works hard to get Ogre armpits just right

Indie MMO project Monsters & Memories is powering through the hot summer months to build up some of the essential backbone of this fantasy...

Monsters & Memories shares a gamplay preview trailer and development progress for July

Are you curious about the EverQuest-like Monsters & Memories but still want to actually see the game in action? While there have been video...

Monsters & Memories shares its first video update from development

Feeling as though the work that the team was doing last month would be better represented in a visual fashion, Monsters & Memories' developers...

‘Throwback MMO’ Monsters & Memories builds test dungeon, shows off zone concept art

The team for the "throwback" MMORPG Monsters & Memories was hard at work on a wide variety of projects this past April, saying that...

‘Throwback MMO’ Monsters & Memories shares updates on concept art, character textures, and a dungeon

It's been a long while since there was any major updates coming from Monsters & Memories, the self-described "throwback MMO" from EverQuest and DC...

EverQuest-inspired Monsters & Memories updates its fans on art progress

One fun little MMORPG project that we've been tracking this year is Monsters & Memories, a throwback-style virtual world that's being created by one...

EverQuest designer’s throwback MMO rebrands as Monsters & Memories

You may recall that earlier this year we reported that former EverQuest and DCUO developer Shawn Lord was working on a "throwback" MMO, which...