Monsters & Memories readies a public playtest for this weekend, and yes you’re invited


Sometimes you just want to quickly dip into an upcoming MMO to see if it’s of interest, you know? If it’s got potential under its hood. For those who have been long-distance curious about the “throwback MMO” Monsters & Memories, they’ll have a chance to get up close and personal with it this very weekend.

That’s because Niche Worlds Cult is throwing a 34-hour NDA-free stress test for the game this Saturday and Sunday, starting at 1:00 pm Eastern on the 9th, for both North American and European players. The studio said that any returning players should find previous characters still available, though there’s a whole guide for new players too.

“2023 has been huge for us, so we want to end the year by playing the game with you,” Niche Worlds said. “For you: This session should be about having fun and enjoying the game. For us: We’ll gather some good data and keep an eye out for your videos and feedback. So, don’t feel obligated to go bug hunting. Poke around, die a lot, and have fun!”

The studio said that it’s pushed off November and December updates for the game into a “giant double update” for early January.

Source: Monsters & Memories. Thanks Nick!
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