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Blizzard warns of ‘lengthy queue times’ ahead of Diablo IV’s open beta today

OK, Diablo IV fans: If you didn't participate in the first beta, didn't preorder the game, didn't eat your chicken, or did all that...

MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Swordsman X Survival, Legend of Lunia, and X8

Welcome back to MassivelyOP's random and recurring roundup of a few MMOs you've never heard of! Maybe you've heard of some of them. You're...

Monsters & Memories hopes to run a public stress test this month

Old school-inspired MMORPG project Monsters & Memories delivered its February report, saying that testing and work is continuing on creating a "proof of concept"...

Albion Online opens Albion East test server in Singapore, renames old server as Albion West

Welcome to "Albion East" -- a new server ruleset for the popular fantasy sandbox. This Singapore-based server is focused on providing support for Albion...
Fine. Sure.

Ethyrial Echoes of Yore touches on founder’s pack plans and readies February stress test

There have been some recent murmurs out of the old-school MMORPG Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore, starting with the December dev blog that grants a...

Mortal Online 2 puts out a call for players to join a server-stressing large scale battle October 6

Would you like to get into a big ol' fight in Mortal Online 2? Then you're cordially invited to one this Thursday, October 6th,...

Embers Adrift is giving players another chance to break its world on August 13

Back in April, the devs of sandbox MMORPG Embers Adrift asked players to try to break the game's world in a server stress test...

Last Oasis pins down a July 5 date for beta testing of Season 5

Over the past couple of months, woodpunk survival sandbox Last Oasis has been banging the drum about its upcoming Season 5, springing back to...

Embers Adrift is disappointed that players couldn’t break its servers

Well, this may be a first: an MMO studio that's actually a bit bummed out that players couldn't bust its servers upon command. In...
Weedle whee.

Perfect Ten: The 10 stages of the MMO launch journey, from announcement to release

One of the aspects that I love about MMOs is just how dang fun the build-up to launch can be. I know this period...

Embers Adrift asks players to break its world and showcases an hour of gameplay footage

It's not often that people are asked to shatter a world, but the devs of the sandbox MMORPG Embers Adrift are asking players to...

Embers Adrift plans beta and NDA drop for March 1, launch later this year

Embers Adrift has been teasing an announcement all week, as now we know what's up: beta. "Stormhaven Studios is excited to announce that Embers...

Mortal Online 2 promises fixes for long queues, hopes to someday rival EVE Online

Mortal Online 2 hasn't had the most auspicious of launches this last week, and all you need to do to know this is peek...

Gloria Victis is free-to-play until November 15 ahead of its upcoming full release

In a half promotional event, half stress test, low-fantasy PvP sandbox MMORPG Gloria Victis is free-to-play through Monday, November 15th. The free play event...

Not So Massively: Age of Empires IV is a thoughtful love letter to the past

Folks who grew up gamers probably all have a few games or franchises that just defined our childhoods. For me, one of those franchises...

Age of Empires IV’s stress test is open to all this weekend

There are few titles more anticipated in 2021 than Microsoft's Age of Empires IV. Fans of the series are crossing every digit they have...

Mortal Online 2 says that 40,000 players have beta tested so far

In advance of a final stress test coming next month, Mortal Online 2 announced that 40,000 players have streamed into the beta so far...

Guild Wars 2 counts 16M accounts, drops fall roadmap, teases End of Dragons fishing and skiffs

Remember how excited everyone was to get the Guild Wars 2 summer roadmap out of ArenaNet earlier this year? Prepare to get excited all...

Mortal Online 2 announces ‘savage’ September 6 stress test

After a goodly while in closed alpha combat testing, Mortal Online 2 thinks that it's ready for the next best step and is proposing...

Final Fantasy XIV plans a stress test for the Japanese data centers… but not North America or Europe

Ahead of the release of the Endwalker expansion, Final Fantasy XIV's staff wants to make sure that the game's servers are up for the...