stress test

Crowfall hosts a week-long series of sieges to stress test the game and improve performance

The devs of Crowfall are trying their best to squeeze out as much performance from the game as possible, but to do that,...

Torchlight III tempts you with a banner to stress test its servers today

With just one week to go before it officially launches, Torchlight III is striving to get its house in order. And by...
How we make the mess.

Here’s Torchlight III’s headstart pre-launch is going to work in October

Hot on the heels of its launch announcement yesterday, Torchlight III's Echtra Games and PWE posted another state of the game...
Sure, fine. Great. Neat.

Mortal Online 2 scales up testing, aims for a beta later this year

After months running a combat alpha, Mortal Online 2 is ramping up the scope and population of its testing. In this month's newsletter,...
Leashes? We don't need no stinkin'... oh, never mind.

Bless Unleashed is running a PC closed beta test next month – here’s how to sign up

If you're over there watching Bless Unleashed run its PS4 beta and wishing you could play it on your PC, first of all,...
Bad plans.

New World’s open preview event has just begun

Amazon's New World has just kicked off its don't-call-it-a-beta beta preview event. The event is a follow-on to last month's density stress test...

New World’s first ‘density’ stress test begins today at 5 p.m. EDT

MMO gamers are gearing up for stress testing in Amazon's New World today and into the weekend. As we previously posted, today's...

WoW Classic’s Gates of Ahn’Qiraj test was a total lagfest (again)

In a stunning example of irony -- the bad kind -- World of Warcraft Classic's recent Gates of Ahn'Qiraj test was a...

Everland is a sprite-based social MMO about logging in and hanging out with friends

If you're looking for a 16-bit-styled MMO that's less about being an adventuring murder hobo and more about just hanging out with others, then...

The Stream Team: Another foray into Fractured

It's been almost exactly a year to the day since Massively OP's MJ peeked into Fractured. So much can happen in twelve months, and...

Last Oasis is back online after its week-long shutdown and weekend stress testing

All systems are go for woodpunk survival MMO Last Oasis, which readers will recall had an early access launch that was plagued...

Population Zero talks about the Hub location and its features, kicks off a day-long stress test

Calling your most important location in the world the Hub is probably not the most imaginative thing, but then again, the NPCs of

Daybreak, Cryptic, City State, Frontier, and more MMO studios affected by worldwide pandemic shutdowns

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to make itself felt, we've got another quick roundup of news relevant to MMO players. First, we've...
That's quite the moustache, my friend.

Bless Unleashed details its Valor Perks character-buffing cash shop item

Pay-to-win? Pay-for-power? Pay to "unleash your character’s full potential as they traverse the dangerously beautiful lands of Lumios" as Bless Unleashed describes it?...

Bless Unleashed kicks off a weekend-long server stress test

Bandai Namco is looking for players to put the servers of Bless Unleashed through its paces. From now until Monday, February 3rd, at...
Hot or not?

Bless Unleashed plans a stress test starting at the end of January

When is Bless Unleashed launching? It's a perfectly valid question, and the official answer is still a coy smirk and a vague "soon"...

Temtem announces dates for the end of alpha and the beginning of stress testing

The developing critter collecting MMO Temtem has some dates for you to remember as it moves through its development cycle from alpha to...

Fractured declares its break-all-the-things stress test a mess, gleefully plans next one

It's not often you hear MMO developers outright call their own stress test a "mess" with a cheeky grin, but hey, expect no less...

Frolic in Fractured’s alpha public stress test this weekend

If Fractured had a theme song right now (which it probably does but ignore that right now), it's got to be Simple Minds'...
Money dollars.

ArcheAge Unchained’s test server throws its doors open to you – yes, you

Are you ready for next week's launch of ArcheAge's new buy-to-play server, or are you still on the fence about the whole deal?...