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Nightingale runs down some last-minute changes before tomorrow’s early access launch

Who's ready to plunge into the Victorian sci-fi realms of Nightingale this week? Early access for the multiplayer survival sandbox begins tomorrow, and developer...

Players rolled nearly 50K characters during Nightingale’s stress test last weekend

When Inflexion announced this week that it's planning to launch Nightingale's early access two days earlier than originally planned, it casually mentioned that it...

Monsters & Memories recaps player testing – and teases in-game housing

Niche Worlds Cult is back this week with an update on everything the indie studio accomplished in January on its throwback MMO Monsters &...

The Stream Team: Joining in on the Nightingale stress test

MOP's Chris is going to add his weight to the one-day stress test of Nightingale today, and at the same time he's going to...

These are the accessibility features Nightingale will – and will not – offer in its early access and stress test build

"One of our goals with Nightingale is to bring people together and create memorable experiences for players of all backgrounds," opens Inflexion's latest dev...

Nightingale plans a three-hour stress test on Friday with no NDA attached

If the potential of Nightgale's Victorian survivalbox keeps you up at night with curiosity, you'll soon have the opportunity to scratch that itch and...
Looks fine, no notes.

Nightingale shares the first 20 minutes of gameplay in a video

The visuals of Nightingale haven't exactly been a secret, what with all of the picture and video previews that Inflexion Games has been kicking...

MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Trimurti Online, Karos Classic, Quest Master’s Realm

Welcome back to another quick roundup of MMOs and MMO-adjacent multiplayer titles you’ve (probably) never heard of! First off, we'll point out that this...

Post-apoc shooter Once Human aims for 20,000 players with this month’s closed beta

Not every magical door opens into Narnia; in fact, some portals should never be breached. Such is the premise of Once Human, a post-apocalyptic...

Monsters & Memories readies a public playtest for this weekend, and yes you’re invited

Sometimes you just want to quickly dip into an upcoming MMO to see if it's of interest, you know? If it's got potential under...

Destiny 2 plans beta testing of expanded fireteam finder December 6, discusses PvP events, and opens its new dungeon

Last week saw Destiny 2 begin its first steps toward proliferation of its fireteam finder function with a raid finder stress test. That test...

Nightingale teases 2024 stress test, recaps last playtest, and talks cash shop offerings

Last week saw the gaslamp fantasy survivalbox Nightingale unveil plans for a sizeable stress test at the beginning of 2024, though details were still...

Nightingale opens Steam stress test signups ahead of 2024 launch

Like many of you, we were sad to learn back in August that steampunk sandbox Nightingale was being delayed yet again - its third...
Thanks, I hate it.

Destiny 2 shares Season 23 class and mod updates, preps raid group finder test for November 30

Season of the Wish is now only days away from releasing to Destiny 2 players, which means that Bungie has a lot of updates...
I had to.

Final Fantasy XIV will run a cloud server stress test on November 20

Server hardware has been an ongoing thing for Final Fantasy XIV, so it's probably not a huge shock that the developers are seeing how...

The MOP Up: Fallout 76 turns five years old

Fallout 76 is celebrating its fifth anniversary loud and proud this week with a birthday party on Tuesday, a special challenge event, and a...

Monsters & Memories schedules a short stress test for this Saturday

Do you have weekend plans in your dull, mundane, chore-filled life? How about you ditch all of those and go adventuring in fantastic new...
Coarse air.

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival London reveals: Viper, zones, and Echoes of Vana’diel

It's time for more reveals for the Final Fantasy XIV fans in the audience as the London Fan Festival has begun, and that means...

Wayfinder reduces queues ahead of the onslaught of expected players this weekend

Wayfinder's rocky launch has pushed on into its second week now, and you might have noticed a lack of streams. That's because the queue...

Wayfinder team sees ‘great progress’ to fixing horrendous server and login issues

Is it too early to welcome Wayfinder into the dubious pantheon of worst MMO launches of all time? The online RPG hasn't seen the...