Nightingale shares the first 20 minutes of gameplay in a video

Looks fine, no notes.

The visuals of Nightingale haven’t exactly been a secret, what with all of the picture and video previews that Inflexion Games has been kicking out over the past three years, but now that early access looms large, the previews look to be continuing, starting off with the survival sandbox’s opening 20 minutes.

The video footage in question is precisely what it says on the tin, as it starts off just after character creation and right into the relatively safe haven of an Abeyance forest realm, all while an NPC named Puck instructs the player on how to build up their first home base. In short, expect plenty of plant plucking, tree chopping, inventory management, and base building – all of the hallmarks of a survivalbox starting experience. For better or worse.

Nightingale is on track to begin early access on February 22nd after multiple delays, though the studio did promise in an end-of-year address that it would be holding an open stress test sometime in the new year. Whether fans to plan to join that test or are curious about what the opening segments look like, the video below offers up a little advance peek.

sources: YouTube, Steam
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