These are the accessibility features Nightingale will – and will not – offer in its early access and stress test build


“One of our goals with Nightingale is to bring people together and create memorable experiences for players of all backgrounds,” opens Inflexion’s latest dev blog about accessibility, which not only provides an overall mission statement from the studio but also clarifies the multitude of features coming to both early access and this Friday’s stress test.

Some of the features are already known or likely expected, such as a third-person camera and mappable keybinds, but the post also calls out things like an arachnophobia mode, a motion blur toggle, controller support, and the option to have actions like crouching set to a toggle instead of a held key press.

Fans should note that some of these features will not be fully available during the stress test. In specific, custom keybinding will not be available and controller support will be only partially available. Even so, there’s a pretty respectable list of options coming for early access on February 20th.

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