Nightingale plans a three-hour stress test on Friday with no NDA attached


If the potential of Nightgale’s Victorian survivalbox keeps you up at night with curiosity, you’ll soon have the opportunity to scratch that itch and experience the game for yourself first-hand.

Prior to Nightingale’s launch in late February, Inflexion Games is holding a stress test this Friday, February 2nd. However, you’ll need to be punctual, as the test itself is only for three hours that afternoon and will draw from a pool of Steam players who have signed up. The studio said that it hopes to get all of those people into the test and that nobody has to worry about an NDA when they get there.

Inflexion explained how the test will be different than the launch version: “Players will enter a tailored version of Nightingale’s early game experience that skips tutorial content and has each Realmwalker equipped with upgraded tools and gear, as well as a variety of recipes unlocked (this will be the equivalent to what a Realmwalker can earn approximately 10 hours into a typical playthrough). Players will be able to immediately join and play together with friends in the Realms.”

Source: Nightingale
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