Mad World’s Steam launch is more like Sad World


Too little, too late? That may be the epitaph to Mad World’s nine-month trek to bringing the game to Steam after last year’s launch. We already knew that this grimdark MMO wasn’t blowing up in any significant way, despite its unique visual language, but the extremely lackluster release on Steam this past week seems to be a dour judgment indeed.

According to Steam Charts, on its first day the game saw a Steam peak of only 149 players. The user reviews on Steam are mostly negative, with some lambasting the controls, poor server performance, weirdly tough tutorial, and aggressive monetization. Users also reported login errors that kept them from playing the game at all. Of course, we’re guessing most of the people who wanted to play the game that badly played at launch last year, as the Steam’s launch was delayed dramatically.

“This game is a huge gacha rolling, loot box peddling, daily energy limiting, shameless pay-to-win cash grab,” one user said. “All of that aside — the movement is clunky and the combat is very thin.”

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