Inkbound is an early access multiplayer turn-based roguelike with a major update out now

We appreciate that the headline for this game is a bit of a hodgepodge, but then that's following the lead of Inkbound's own description:...

Arcadegeddon is a multiplayer roguelite PvPvE shooter all about saving a hometown arcade

How far would you be willing to go to save a gaming arcade? Would you be willing to inject yourself into a "super-game" to...

The Stream Team: Roguelike gun-toting crustacean adventures abound in Crab Champions

Yes, that headline is correct: There is a game called Crab Champions, it is a multiplayer roguelike, you play as a shotgun-wielding crab, and...

Not So Massively: Wolcen’s Endgame is one of online gaming’s all-time worst blunders

Speaking as a long-time fan of the game, I think the post-launch management of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem has been an absolute mess. There...

Funcom’s cartoony multiplayer roguelike Conan Chop Chop hasn’t seen an update since April

The goofy yet punishing roguelike Conan Chop Chop has had an equally goofy and punishing development trajectory. For those who don't recall, this game...

Pixel-art labyrinth-delving MMO Mythic makes its full launch

For MMORPG fans who want a blast from the past out of a new game, you might be interested to know about Mythic. Or...

Retro-styled roguelike MMO Mythic releases on September 29

We've been keeping tabs on Mythic for the past few months now. Readers will remember the pixel-art roguelike MMO from Abyssal Studios LLC. first...

Rotwood is a multiplayer side-scrolling dungeon crawler from the makers of Don’t Starve

Klei Entertainment, the studio behind the popular survival title Don't Starve as well as other excellent games like Oxygen Not Included and Mark of...

Mythforce infuses co-op dungeon crawling with the spirit of ’80s cartoons

The '80s called -- they want their heroes back. If you miss the brash colorful adventures of Saturday morning cartoons from back in the day,...
Team play.

Co-op roguelike Minecraft Dungeons is live today on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and the Switch

Don't tell my kids, but I'm getting them Minecraft Dungeons this week. I mean, really I'm getting myself Minecraft Dungeons this week, but they're...

Barbaric turns on friendly fire during its co-op dungeon crawls

How tolerant and forgiving are you of your friends' missteps? Let's hope a lot, because Barbaric is going to test your patience when it...

Ruin of the Reckless is a ‘punishing’ multiplayer dungeon crawler

Fast, furious, and oh-so-deadly: This is the approach that Ruin of the Reckless enjoys and is not ashamed to deliver to players. Launched late last...

Heroes Quest claims to be a ‘roguelike mobile MMORPG’

Here's a game we didn't know existed until now: Heroes Quest. Developer Viper Game is calling the free-to-play game a "redefining mobile MMORPG" and "roguelike...

Exclusive Interview: John Smedley reveals Hero’s Song, his new open-world OARPG

Today, we finally learn what John Smedley has been working on since he resigned from his decades-long role at Daybreak. The industry veteran has founded indie...