33 Immortals preps weekend closed beta for the ‘distillation of the MMO raid experience’


Thunder Lotus’ MMO-inspired multiplayer raiding roguelike 33 Immortals is barreling onward toward its May 24th closed beta, with more info now being dispatched to potential testers. The Canadian studio told players that it’ll kick off the beta at 1 p.m. EDT come Friday, with the studio community manager Médéric Bélair playing alongside testers.

“We’re happy to announce that the team added a brand new region that will be fully playable in the Closed Beta! This new region is called Purgatorio. You’ll be able to access it by defeating Inferno’s big boss himself: Lucifer. Your victory will net you a consumable World Key. Be sure to prepare before heading in, the keys are single-use and the region is very challenging! Not to mention it also has a much more difficult boss! Speaking of which, please note that their visual is work in progress. While not ideal, this enabled us to showcase the boss fight in advance of Early Access, and receive your feedback on what you thought of the fight! Worry not, the fight is completely functional, mechanics and all, but the visuals won’t be ready in time for the Beta, apologies. That said, it means the Closed Beta has a lot more content for you to explore!”

As we’ve previously covered, the game is meant to be a “lean, mean distillation of the MMO raid experience” that puts 33 players into “epic co-op battles” without the preamble of a virtual world, we suppose. It’s slated for PC (on EGS) and Xbox right now. Closed beta runs through June 2nd; signups are still live on the official site.

Source: Newsletter, official site
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