Co-op roguelike 33 Immortals debuts new gameplay trailer and announces May 24 closed beta


Last June one of the Not So Massively games we highlighted was 33 Immortals, a co-op action roguelike from Canadian developer Thunder Lotus that lets up to 33 players team up to fight their way out of hell in what was described as “a lean, mean distillation of the MMO raid experience.” If that sounded like something up your alley, then you’ll be happy to learn that the studio has confirmed a closed beta test as part of a new gameplay trailer.

The video, which debuted at the indie studio-leaning Triple-i Initiative event, grants a look at some of the absolute madness that multiplayer teams will have to square off against and some of the systems meant to mitigate it all, including team-up abilities that require players to link up in certain positions, a buff-granting perks system, and some cosmetic wear for players to dress up in. There is also a lot of combat, as one might expect, including one very gnarly looking boss fight.

It also looks as if the 33 players occupy one map but not one team; footage shows groups no larger than five at once, though a map screen previewed in the trailer shows player teams moving across different zones of an area in real time, all of them working on separate shared objectives.

The video’s description and the game’s Twitter confirms that closed beta for 33 Immortals will run between May 24th and June 2nd for Xbox Series X|S and PC via Epic Games Store or Game Pass. Those who are interested can sign up for the newsletter on the official site or watch the trailer below.

sources: YouTube, Twitter
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