Not So Massively: Islands of Insight, Headbangers, 33 Immortals, & Baldur’s Gate 3


Hopefully you were outside touching grass this weekend and not glued to your computer screen, and if so, you missed a few new game announcements (and a trailer for one you knew about) that cross over into our purview thanks to their multiplayer nature. Let’s recap ’em!

First, we got a glimpse of Islands of Insight, which developer Lunarch Studios and publisher Behaviour Interactive describe as an “epic shared-world puzzle adventure game” with online co-op. The screenshots and video are stunning, and let’s be real, we don’t have a lot of open-world puzzle MMOs.

Second, we’ve got Headbangers the “rhythm royale” game, which – OK, I know, another battle royale game, but in this one you play an actual pigeon and you’re playing “musical minigames.” Come on, you’ve never seen anybody do this before. This one is gonna be perfect for MJ and Chris to Stream, and you’ll tune in too because this is just too out there.

Third, we’ve got 33 Immortals, which is an Xbox-and-EGS game from Thunder Lotus; it’s described as a “co-op action-roguelike for 33 players,” with some Diablo-and-ROTMG-esque vibes. But they do mean co-op: “Fight through a lean, mean distillation of the MMO raid experience,” the Canadian studio says. Early access is expected next year.

Finally, we come to Baldur’s Gate 3, which everyone’s heard of already, of course, but Larian dropped a new trailer for the upcoming threequel homing in on the city of Baldur’s Gate itself.

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