islands of insight

Puzzle MMO Islands of Insight is getting an offline mode ‘in the coming months’

Are we witnessing the death of games as a service? Probably not, but we're definitely witnessing the shrinking of a segment of games that...
See? SEE?!

Betawatch: Islands of Insight launches straight out the gate

So it does not matter what you think about Islands of Insight because that game just launched. Do you know how long that game...

Behaviour’s puzzle MMO Islands of Insight has officially launched on Steam

Last year, we caught wind of a new MMO - and yes, Behaviour Interactive and Lunarch have indeed flagged it as an MMO on...

The Stream Team: Demoing co-op puzzle adventure game Islands of Insight

The moment MOP's Chris heard about Islands of Insight, the co-op multiplayer puzzling adventure game, he had to check it out himself, and since...

‘Shared-world puzzle adventure game’ Islands of Insight gets February launch window and releases a free demo

Back in June, one of the Not So Massively games we highlighted was Islands of Insight, a self-described "epic shared-world puzzle adventure game" where...

Not So Massively: Islands of Insight, Headbangers, 33 Immortals, & Baldur’s Gate 3

Hopefully you were outside touching grass this weekend and not glued to your computer screen, and if so, you missed a few new game...