World of Warcraft patch 10.1.5, Fractures in Time, releases on July 11

Oh good, finally, some unexplored lore.

It’s an interesting experience for World of Warcraft fans to keep seeing “This Week in WoW” updates that are more about things happening in several weeks. This is true this week as well; the really important point is that the game’s next patch will be released on July 11th, with a new Evoker specialization of Augmentation as well as new content in Eon’s Fringe and a new daycare for dragon whelps.

Look, dragons are not great parents and they have work to do, you need to provide daycare for their whelps. Do not kill them for skinning materials. That’s weird.

More races will also have access to the Warlock class, along with more demon customization options for Warlocks. There’s a new mega-dungeon added, new talent changes, and so forth. It’s a smaller patch by the game’s patch numbering, but there should be plenty of ways for players to spend their time as they travel back and forth through time when the patch arrives in a few weeks. Until then? Patience. Discipline.

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