Final Fantasy XI plans to allow race changes in the future as the second Vana’bout continues successfully

The target for all players to hit with the second incarnation of the Vana'bout event in Final Fantasy XI was 4 million plaudits. As...

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen provides an in-progress look at the upcoming Summoner class

Unless you're the sort of person who follows the goings-on of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen creative director Chris "Joppa" Perkins or you didn't...

Tarisland talks up its ‘misc PvE gameplay’ content in latest video

Many of the previews coming out of Tarisland recently have often pointed to the MMORPG's raiding as the pinnacle (and arguably primary) activity. However,...
Complete with strong eye contact

Final Fantasy XIV shows off its new job actions in a nearly five-hour-long Letter from the Producer

Fans of Final Fantasy XIV who are accustomed to the normal flow of information ahead of expansions will remember that usually, the media tour...

Myth of Empires previews the weapons and structures of its July Ancient Greece-themed DLC

Survival sandbox Myth of Empires continues to be a show-not-tell mood with regards to its upcoming Ancient Greece DLC, as Angela Game has put...
Oh... that's disappointing.

World of Warcraft previews the Dark Heart update arriving on May 7

Hasn't World of Warcraft promised the final chapter in Dragonflight a couple of times now? Well hold on to your hats because the very...

Blue Protocol JP unveils the Beat Performer class headed for the MMO April 24

It's part bard, part hard rock guitarist, and an all-new class for the Japanese version of Blue Protocol. It's the Beat Performer, the headline...

Scars of Honor shares ‘unfiltered’ player impressions and highlights chymera lore

The WoW-like MMORPG Scars of Honor is continuing to disseminate insight and information out of its February playtest. Followers of the project already heard...

Gigantic Rampage Edition throws a spotlight over the second previously unreleased character Kajir

Fans are just over a week away from the resurrection of shooter MOBA Gigantic in the form of the Rampage Edition, which means there's...
I asked Bree if we could have Night Elves and she said we have Night Elves at home.

Tarisland looks at the Misty Forest in its latest map preview

Full marks to the Elves of Tarisland, they live in a place called the Misty Forest. That's it. Most Elves, they'd be calling the...
it's not even on a teevee

Fallout’s upcoming live-action TV series shares a brief scene ahead of its April 11 premiere

Prime Video is beginning to prime its hype engine for its upcoming Fallout live-action TV series. Following the first trailer and announcement of its...

Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida discusses making the game less stress-free, according to new interview

There's always a delicate balancing act between reducing the amount of tedious busywork necessary in a video game and keeping the game fun. A...
world cup

War Thunder previews Tank Football 2024 and more Alpha Strike update content

Are you ready to play some football? In a tank? That doesn't make any sense as a name because tanks famously do not have...

Final Fantasy XIV announces patch 6.58 release date without maintenance details

Under usual circumstances, Final Fantasy XIV has a pretty reliable way to unveil its patches. First, it announces the maintenance window for a patch;...
there's sand

Dune: Awakening’s Direct shows off graphical touches, film references, and the basic survival loop of the game

You may not have noticed this, but the new Dune movie is out! The second one, even, which means it's two more movies than...
Everything's going so well!

Temtem subreddit mods temporarily close the sub following Temtem Swarm uproar

So hey, things with Temtem are just going absolutely super. Last week, Crema Games insisted that it was still working on the main game...
such economy, very player

Tarisland discusses its business model and in-game economy in a new video

Tarisland has airdropped in a new video about its economy this week, but the downside is that the video is a bit vague when...
Thank goodness we finally launched.

Actress Michelle Rodriguez demos Skull and Bones’ intro and events in latest video

Earlier Skull and Bones offered up a look at what general gameplay and endgame looks like in its last video preview, but now we're...

Among Us shares a cryptic teaser image from its animated series and promises work is progressing

Last summer the world learned that the popular multiplayer title Among Us was getting its own animated series sometime in the future. Unfortunately we...
It appears to be... a rock.

World of Warcraft previews the Azerothian Archives arriving in Seeds of Renewal

Remember when Archaeology was the hip happening new thing in World of Warcraft? That didn't really work out, but the Azerothian Archives content that's...